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Compliance services offered by CCAS

Customised Compliance Management System: When it comes to trade practice risks, no two companies are the same. CCAS will assess your company's trade practice risks and develop a customised compliance management system that will minimise the risk of breaches of the competition, misleading promotions, and mandatory standards provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act occurring in your company.


CCAS has developed a Compliance Management System based on a number of expert inputs which constitute the essential elements of an effective compliance system. The importance of a compliance management system is that it can not only integrate with other management systems you have in place but also strengthen due diligence. CCAS compliance services include:

  • development of a compliance plan;
  • development of compliance procedures including guidelines and checklists;
  • assistance with implementing the compliance system.

Audits: CCAS can undertake "health check" audits against the compliance management system benchmarks or for conformance with ACCC ( and other regulators) Enforceable Undertakings.


Annual trade practices training: CCAS can assess your trade practices risks and then customise you annual trade practices training to minimise the risk of a breach. The training will target relevant people in your organisation and cover practical procedures to mesh in with your real world trade practices risks.


Annual training can:

  • refresh relevant details of the Competition and Consumer Act
  • Update on recent changes to the Competition and Consumer Act
  • Update on the ACCC & Fair Trading Agencies priorities
  • Provide scope for interaction and discussion

Checking Services: CCAS can check promotional material electronically for conformance with the consumer protection provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act.

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