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Complaints handling services offered by CCAS

Complaints handling Management system: Complaints handling is about:

  • resolving customers' concerns fast and efficiently and maintaining brand loyalty
  • Guarding and enhancing your brand reputation
  • identifying how you can minimise problems into the future
  • Assisting to identify areas for product and service improvement for a competitive edge

New and improved global standards reflected in the international standard on complaints handling (ISO 10002) are important for businesses to adopt. CCAS can provide advice on setting up and implementing your complaints handling system.


Audits / reviews: CCAS can undertake "health check" audits against the international standard on complaints handling (ISO 10002) to not only ensure that it is conformance with the standard but also to ensure that your complaints handling system reflects current best practice.


Root Cause Analysis: Do you get tired of hearing the same customer complaint or problem over and over again? Do you feel that sometimes you are merely providing a Band-aid solution but you know that there is something more at stake?


No longer just an issue for the customer relations department, customer complaints can wreak havoc across the entire organisation. With responses to complaints requiring collaboration and information sharingbetween departments, it is not surprising that organisations are now also introducing highly collaborative strategies for preventing complaints.


Best practice usage of root cause analysis methodology will assist you to identify the real reasons behind problems and complaints. Once identified, there are huge savings to be made from preventing these systemic issues from arising again.

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