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Invest in your business, and in your peace of mind with CCAS

A brief introduction...

Led by compliance and complaints handling expert, Bill Dee, CCAS aims to greatly improve and reinforce the systems that make up your business so to improve customer satisfaction and to ensure that it is compliant with the Competition and Consumer Act and the ACCC guidelines.
CCAS works intimately with your business, company or oganisation, tailor-making efficient and economical systems to suit your industry and individual needs.
It delivers its services nationally and internationally and with the extensive experience and knowledge base of CCAS provides advice and services to achieve effective trade practice outcomes.


Not only does regulatory compliance provide the obvious advantage of maintaining strong business ethics, but it can be an invaluable resource that in the short and long term can greatly reduce the costs associated with expensive legal fees when regulators intervene and minimize the occurrence of court actions.
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Complaints Handling

By approaching complaints handling systematically and professionally, reputation is easier to uphold and it provides a gateway where feedback can be obtained to help isolate areas that are inadequate or require attention and rectification.
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Innovative Products & Services

With the help of many years experience, CCAS has developed innovative methods and procedures that have positive impacts when dealing with compliance issues and consumer complaints.
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Other Services by CCAS

CCAS provides numerous other services to businesses and companies. These services include:

  • Advice on setting up corporate social responsibility systems

  • Corporate and industry wide codes of conduct

  • Consumer Affairs in business

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